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Внимание конкурс.!!!! На нашем форуме проводится конкурс победитель получить бесплатное размещение партнерского баннера на нашем форуме на пол года. Подробнее....


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invest the money in share market


invest the money in share market Empty invest the money in share market

Сообщение автор dumitr в Вт Май 29, 2018 5:54 am

Invest the money in share market can be risky as well as exciting. It’s important to understand the risks and to get advice from the right people, but if you’re ready to start investing, here are some important basics about it, how to buy and sell shares, and what it means to be a shareholder. You could think of a it as a department store for shares - or a ’one-stop-shop’ for anyone who wants shares in any public company trading in that market. There are lots of different share markets, all over the world. Some of the most well known include the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. In the past, trading on it happened in a physical location - with stockbrokers taking constant phone calls and rapidly buying and selling on behalf of the public. Today, with the help of technology, both the ASX and Chi-X can connect buyers and sellers via the internet - meaning trades can happen virtually anywhere. In Australia, it has two main responsibilities. The first is operating what’s referred to as a ’primary market’, which allows companies to raise money by issuing shares for sale. The second is operating a ’secondary market’, in which investors can buy and then sell shares at prices that are determined by market forces. 43332

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