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ways of investing your money


ways of investing your money  Empty ways of investing your money

Сообщение автор sleimurka в Чт Июн 21, 2018 11:48 am

When we speak of ways of investing your money, we are referring to investments that consist of placing our capital over a period of time the short or medium term and expect positive results after the same. In the financial market offers different proposals, some with greater or lesser risk which we analyze below: Government Bonds: Acquisition of treasury bills to speculate on an increase in value is a great opportunity to invest your money and have a normal return in interest. The characteristic of this investment is that it is low risk because the state always liable for the debt or refinance to it, you have the possibility of charging the role it has. Private actions: Buy at the stock exchange shares of companies with continued growth is a great way to make temporary business and gain a significant economic advantage. You should know that stock market investments should be carried out with much knowledge otherwise you can put all your money at risk. That is why we always recommend that if you are unfamiliar market movements, a good option is to hire a financial adviser who will manage your investment portfolio depending on the risk you want to assume. Time deposits: The temporary investment excellence is the warehouse fixed income since it has the characteristic of having minimal risk. You deposit your money in a bank for a certain period of time and the end of it you get your capital plus interest earned. It is essential to know the interest rate that banks pay you and the period that suits you should tie up capital; a longer period gets higher interest rate and better yields obtained. You see these ways of investing your money are available to all investors and are a valid alternative to make their money work instead of keeping it under the mattress. Qostanay, Kazakhstan

    Текущее время Чт Июл 18, 2019 10:08 pm